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Bulldog Club: Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Youth strength and conditioning classes are offered 2 times per week for teens ages 12-18. The teen classes will focus on strength building and conditioning. They will begin to learn the basics of weightlifting techniques from USAW certified weightlifting coaches in addition to strength exercises such as squats and deadlifts. Each class will close with an intense conditioning session designed to improve overall fitness capacity. This class is a great compliment to any team or individual sport year round.

coaches bios (Ben and Katri).

Coaches : Ben and Katri

Classes for youth ages 7-12 will meet once a week. Youth classes will focus on building strength, coordination, balance, and conditioning by mixing elements of fun with hard work and skill development. Participants will work to develop individual athletic skills as well as team and communication skills through completion of assigned tasks and friendly competition. Classes are accessible to all fitness levels and abilities.

Our goal is to help your child find a passion for strength, conditioning, and fitness that will last a lifetime. Classes include elements of strength building, skill development, conditioning and lots of fun!