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CrossFit SAW – CrossFit


Warm-up (No Measure)

(10 min.) Get Warm

Divide the class up into two or three groups and line them up facing the length of the gym. One by one, they’ll go through the following, tagging the next teammate in line and making it a little competition against each person and team they are up against.

*Place a slam ball or med ball at the end of each line.

1. Walking Lunge down—5 MB Thrusters—Run back.

2. Bear Crawl down—5 MB Cleans—Skip (High Knees) back.

3. Inchworm down—5 Slam Balls—Side Shuffle back.

4. Duck Walk down—Crab Walk back with MB (then run and put ball back after tagging teammate).

5. Bird Peckers down—5 Burpees—Run back.

(5 min.) Hip Mobility

5 Long Lunge Sequences each side

10 Spicy Hip Stretches

10 Dynamic Hip/Back Stretches (no partner).

Warm-up (No Measure)

(10-15 min.) Review and Prep for Split Squats

As a group with a PVC pipe, review the Split Squats for as many reps as needed.

Then, at racks have them perform:

8 reps each side with an empty barbell

6 reps each side

4 reps each side

4 reps each side

*Add load each set.

*For most people, 2 sets of 4 each side should be enough to get to starting weight, but some athletes might need a few more sets.

(15 min.) Perform Part 1

(10 min.) Perform Part 2

*Use the first 5 minutes to get set up and have athletes perform a few reps of their chosen movement. Choose a rep number between 5 and 10. Make sure they can sustain their number across 5 minutes of work.


Split Squat (4 x 4)


Metcon (No Measure)

Part 2:

Open Prep – Pick a skill



Handstand Push-up

Perform 5-10 Reps EMOM

5 min.


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